The Fieldhouse Café

The Field House CafeI awoke this morning in Billings, MT to people checking out of my questionable motel and decided it was worth having a proper breakfast before heading out to see my cousin in Sheridan, WY.  I didn’t have to meet her until lunchtime so I slept late, which was welcome after a long day of driving yesterday, and Yelped restaurants for a good breakfast spot.  When I checked out restaurants nearby, I saw The Fieldhouse Café less than a mile from my motel with 4.5 stars and decided it was worth taking a chance.  I should preface this by saying Montana isn’t exactly known for its cuisine but it is a beautiful state and the city of Billings had so far seemed like a nice place to visit.  However, expecting a blog worthy restaurant was not on my mind.

The Field House Cafe interiorBoy was I wrong!  I showed up to The Fieldhouse Café in a random end of town near the industrial area.  The façade was well done and looked brand-new.  I went in to find no one else inside, it is a Tuesday morning so I didn’t expect a crowd, but the décor was adorable.  The waiter was of the young urban sort, which was completely unexpected in this area of the country.  Nonetheless, I saw it as a good sign for the food.  When I saw the menu I was even more positive I made the right choice, as everything was inventive new American dishes combining familiar comfort food and gourmet ingredients.  I asked the waiter what his favorites on the breakfast menu were and he pointed out the Haystack and the Burrito but I was in the mood for something sweet so I ordered Raspberries and Cream French Toast with a cup of seasonal fruit.

IMG_0879The French toast was unbelievable when it showed up it was a giant stack of sweet goodness.  The only other people in the restaurant who had showed up 15 minutes after me were drooling as it went by.  They asked me if it was good but I declared I had never been to this café before but I was certain this dish was going to be delicious by the looks of it.  I was right.  The bread was cut into extra thick slices, I’m pretty sure it was some sort of brioche, and covered in a raspberry sauce and a delectable sweet cream.  The portion was huge and I had to do some heavy breathing to finish the entire thing but I did it.  It seemed sinful to leave any behind.

The Field House Cafe MenuOh, I almost forgot one of the best things I’ve experienced at a breakfast joint – unlimited refills on orange juice!  Yes, you read that correctly, the waiter refilled my orange juice every time it got low and I was only charged $3.00 for it.  What?!  Love this place.  My total bill was $16.00 and there is no tax.  Unbelievably good and high quality at a relatively low price, you can’t beat that.  I highly recommend stopping by this place if you find yourself in the middle of Montana on a roadtrip or a vacation.  The food and service were wonderful and I’m sure the other menu items were just as delicious as mine.  Check out The Fieldhouse Café online.

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